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Make Your Jewelry Better Than New

You want your jewelry to shine. We all do. But sometimes, time and wear can take its toll on a piece, and it becomes somewhat dimmer and less brilliant than before. If you live in Monrovia, MD, you know there is only one place you need to go to get that brilliance back.

And that is The Find!

GIA gemologists for 28 years, the staff here at The Find Consign can attend to all your jewelry repair needs, quickly and efficiently. We are the only location in the area that can do ring and jewelry sizing, appraisals, band adjustments, and so much more! We also offer watch battery replacements and repairs while you wait to provide you with the utmost convenience.

At The Find, you get the personalized services you want right when you walk through the door, every time. We make sure that you know you are appreciated for your business, and we take special care to ensure that your jewelry is kept safe, repaired correctly, and always returned to you in better-than-new condition.

For more information about our jewelry repair services, or to contact us to schedule your own jewelry repair appointment, call The Find at 301-363-3722.